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Why Eat Organic

Of the conventional non-organic food we eat, 46% contains residues of one or more pesticides, and levels are going up dramatically, in 2003 the equivalent figure was just 25%.

Here are four top reasons to choose locally grown organic produce with the guaranteed quality of a brand like Emirates Bio Farm.

Avoid chemicals

Eating organically grown foods is the only way to avoid the cocktail of chemicals present in commercially grown food. More than 600 active chemicals are registered for agricultural use. These toxic and persistent pesticides accumulate in the soil, water and our bodies. By eliminating the use of these pesticides and fertilizers in the organic production system, we are not contributing any further to this pollution.

Benefit from more nutrients

Organically grown foods have more nutrients—vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrients—than commercially grown foods because the soil is managed and nourished with sustainable practices by responsible standards. A review of 41 published studies verifies that five servings of organically grown vegetables (such as lettuce, spinach, carrots, potatoes, and cabbage) provide an adequate allowance of vitamin C, whereas the same number of servings of conventionally grown vegetables do not.

Preserve our ecosystems

Organic farming supports eco-sustenance or farming in harmony with nature. Preservation of soil and crop rotation in our dessert will create healthy soil that keeps improving and provides much needed national food security for generations to come.

Support local farming that tastes better

Fruits & vegetables lose nutrients and flavor the longer they take to reach your dinner table. We pick our products every morning from our farm in Al Ain and deliver it to your local supermarkets daily ( or straight to your door!), when you purchase from EBF you will be able to eat truly fresh fruits & vegetables, from farm to table in one day.



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